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There is no point having a website if your clients cannot find you. We can work with you to get your website found. We can complete on and off page optimisation including link building to help your business get found. SEO is not a fast process but we are here to work with and for you to get your business, services and products found..

899 Design will start with a complete report and discuss with you your options, requirements and needs. Starting at the most important issue down. We can do one off SEO services or plans to help your business be found on the internet.


Complete report

Full report with recommendations and solutions to resolve your site issues to improve your chances to be found.

Plan options

Affordable options including once off and monthly plans to work within your budgets and needs.


On and off page SEO, back-link building, Google My Business and much much more.


The “s” on the end of HTTPS means your website is secure. This is needed even if you are not taking payments as Google gives preference to secure sites.

Data analytics

We check your site and ensure you have tracking. If there is none we will install it so we can better track your website, visitors and leads.


this is the file that tells search engine crawlers were they are allowed to crawl and what you want to be hidden from the public.

Site errors

These send signals to search engines that your site may not be trustworthy so not worthy of being at the top of the listing spot. Common errors include 4XX errors, duplicate page content, duplicate title tags, missing title tags, and crawlers blocked by Robots.txt

Index status

Ensure pages have been found by search crawlers (like the spiders for Google) and have enough quality for relevant search phrases. Indexed pages will show up in search results and can help drive organic traffic to your site.

Site map

Your XML sitemap is a list of all the pages on a website that you want a search engine to index (not to be confused with the robots.txt which tells a search engine which pages not to index).

Page speed

User experience is important for search engines – they understand users don’t want to wait. This is why site speed is a factor in how well your website ranks.

Meta elements

Duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, and site content can all negatively impact your site’s search engine rankings and click-through-rate. Ensuring your meta elements are optimized will better your chances of being found on the SERPs.
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